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A Beautiful Wild

Sarah Callow -Fisher


Sarah has always been in love with nature and flowers. Growing up her fondest memories are of time spent in her mother's garden picking flowers while her mom grew vegetables and taught her how to grow things. As she grew up flowers remained her passion, but life took her in other directions. After forays into nursing and interior design, she realized her caring personality and love of colour and texture combined perfectly with her passion for the outdoors. She went from tending people to tending plants, and from living room stylist to garden designer.  After meeting her partner Devan, who grew up in a nature loving environment like her, she realized she would have the support and space to pursue her dreams.


On a three-acre plot in the small village of Aylesford, Nova Scotia, she uses her gardener's hands to draw colour and beauty from the earth in her flowers, while always giving back more than she takes and respecting the land. 


Kayla Cunningham

Sarah and Misty, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the floral magic you created to make our day special. 


The colours and flowers were absolutely perfect and made the day feel so warm and cozy. I loved all the special touches with the olive branches, cappuccino roses, and incredible dahlias. Our photos showcase how well you captured our vibe. Thank you for everything and it was so special working with you both.

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