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Forest Snow

Christmas Wreaths! 

It is our favorite time of year again! 

The smell of fresh balsam fur, cedar, pine & all the other local goodies we collect is intoxicating while creating

Beautiful, Natural, Sustainable wreaths for you to enjoy all winter long! 

Our Mission in Sustainability is to create a wreath with all natural elements. Our Wreaths do not contain plastic or bows. The only thing that will not break down back into the earth is the ring it is made on and the wire that holds it together. You are always welcome to return the ring (at anytime) when you are done with it & we will reuse it next year.

All of our wreaths are on a 14" ring if you are looking for a 16" you can order a custom wreath.

If you are looking for a 12" please email us! 

If you order early your wreath will be ready for November 24th pickup. You will receive a notification when your order is ready. Wreaths can be picked up at the Farm or $15 Delivery from Wolfville - Bridgetown 

A List of ingredients we use is as follows but not limited to;

Balsam Fur, Cedar, Pine, Holly, Juniper, Hemlock, Boxwood, Japonica, Variegated White or Yellow Euonymus, Magnolia Leaves, Rose Hips, Alder Cones,  


The Traditional

This wreath has Christmas written all over it. 

Traditional Red & Green. 

Made with as many locally collected greens as possible & rose hips for the perfect accent. 


The Festivus 

This wreath has a different spin on traditional

A Combination of more blue undertones with a variegated white & green to finish it off. 


The Magnolia 

This Wreath is like no other!

If you have seen our Magnolia wreaths they stand out in a crowd. 

Made with variegated yellow & green that compliments the orange tones of the Magnolia 

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